Understanding Osteopathy- & The Basics

Osteopathy can be considered to be a branch of alternative medicine that focuses on the movement of the bones and muscle tissue of the human body. Practitioners of osteopathy are called osteopaths. Its official name comes from Ancient Greek “os” meaning bone and “physis” meaning pain. 

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  • What osteopathy focuses on is the study of the skeletal system and how it interacts with the joints of the bones and how this plays a role in the cause and treatment of various diseases. Osteopaths use a wide variety of techniques in the diagnosis and treatment of their patients. This includes a physical examination, direct measurement of bone density by X-rays, computerized tomography scan, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), and Computer Assisted Tomography (CAT) scanner. The exact techniques and the effectiveness of these treatments will depend largely on the severity of the patient’s symptoms, the kind of joint disorder that they have, and other factors.
  • There are many benefits of osteopathy, one of which is its use of natural therapies. One such therapy is the manipulation of joints and the movements that these joints hold. Osteopaths use various kinds of manual techniques, including finger positioning, hand pressure, and holding of the bones and muscles. In addition to this, the treatment also includes educating patients on the importance of keeping the weight off the joints to prevent health problems.
  • Osteopathy in Dubai also employs the concept of self-healing. The treatments are very similar to those used in traditional forms of medicine such as using vitamins and supplements to correct imbalances and strengthen the body. However, the philosophy and the approach used by osteopaths make them different from conventional medicine. Instead of using medication and surgery to treat patients, they encourage their patients to strengthen their bodies through the use of natural food substances, and exercises and to keep a good posture by regularly participating in physical activity.

Before you join an osteopath, you must know what you are getting into. The treatment plan that your physiotherapist will prepare for you will contain information on your condition, the things that you need to do to keep your bones strong, and how the disease can be prevented. You will most likely receive a referral to a specialist to help you with the treatment. In some cases, your specialist will choose to arrange for physiotherapy so that you can begin creating things that are damaged or weak in your joints. In other instances, your specialist will prepare a customized treatment plan just for you.

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