Straight teeth without braces – A basic guide

It is not a good idea to get straight teeth without braces by doing techniques on your own.

There are methods and techniques given online by which you can make your teeth straight and those include a retainer that has been borrowed, paper clips, backs of earrings, rubber bands, etc. All these methods and techniques are a bit doubtful to work on. There are even tutorials available online that tells the people how people can make their braces of their own but going according to those instructions is not an idea that is good. The likely outcomes when you try to straight your teeth in the absence of a dentist can be a lot worse.

Teeth have foundations having ligaments nearby that protect the person’s teeth strongly inside your gum line. Of you start the process of straightening the teeth of your own, you might apply a lot of force on the foundations as well as the ligaments. Due to this the foundations can pull off or push very powerfully on the ligaments which most of the makes the tooth dead.

Some common after effects involve.

  1. Decay of tooth
  2. Oral infection
  3. Teeth that comes out
  4. Teeth that gets cracked
  5. Extreme pain
  6. Enamel of tooth becomes weak
  7. Wounds in the gums
  8. Bucktooth

Are retainers able to straighten teeth without braces?

A retainer is basically a dental device made up of wire that you put it on all night so that a person’s teeth can get aligned once you have gotten braces. You cannot put on a retainer while you sleep each night or borrow someone else’s retainer and put them on so you can get straight teeth without the use of braces.

For instance if a person’s teeth are a bit crooked or if they are a bit crowded, the dentist you go to might suggest you to get a retainer that is fixed rather than a complete group of braces. In some situations like when you have a teeth that is a bit crowded then you might be asked to use a retainer that is removable so the treatment can be done easily.

The treatment with the help of the retainer should only be carried out when the dentist who has given the treatment is supervising it.

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