Types of storage tanks

Storage tanks are available in different types. Storage tank manufacturers in UAE produce all the different types of storage tanks for commercial and industrial usage.

Trailer manufacturers in Sharjah are also available. The different types of storage tanks are listed below in this article.

  1. Fixed-roof tanks
  2. External floating roof tanks
  3. Internal floating roof tanks
  4. Domed external floating roof tanks
  5. Horizontal tanks
  6. Pressure tanks
  7. Variable vapor space tanks
  8. LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) tanks

In the list that is mentioned above, the first four types of tanks are similar to each other. All of them are a bit cylindrical in shape. As some of the tanks are placed in a containment basin, in order to lessen the wastage that happens because of the spilling of gas or liquid. These four types of tanks are placed above the ground, unlike the situation that is mentioned in this article before.

What is a containment basin?

A containment basin is usually an essential part of the storage tanks. This is a structure that is built around a storage tank to prevent leakage and spilling. This is usually made of concrete and then there is an inside lining that is made by some other material. This material is usually repulsive to what the actual storage tank is holding inside of it. This material also depends on what the tank is carrying inside. As the material should not be reactive to the said element inside the tank other it could most possibly cause an explosion or even property damage. They are also designed in such a way that they should be able to hold and support such heavy weights. Since the weight of the liquid inside is also incredibly large as well as the storage tank, as it also weighs a lot.

Horizontal storage tanks

Horizontal storage tanks are one of the most widely used storage tanks in the world. This is because of the fact that they can be easily considered as a multi-purpose tank. Horizontal storage tanks can be placed inside the ground and also above the ground. This increases the number of purposes that the horizontal storage tanks could be used for. One thing to be noted is that they are usually not very big in size as compared to the others.

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