When selecting products for the children in your care, there are a number of considerations to remember, including protection, expense, and longevity, to name a few. To ensure that you choose healthy and enjoyable objects for students to use, consult Early Learning Environments That Work’s list of guidelines for selecting items for children’s use:

Children should be drawn to things that are appealing to the eye and touch.

Color and products that encourage multisensory play and learning are favorites among kids. Items that satisfy this criterion will pique the interest of your students while also adding to the look and sound of your classroom.

The items could pique the attention of the children.

Since capturing a child’s attention, it’s important that the object maintains the child’s interest over time. Is it possible that the things you’re thinking will be played with or used once and then forgotten about? Or would they most likely be seen on a regular basis? Remember to choose things that are developmentally suitable and aid in the learning of children.

Items can have a variety of uses or be open-ended.

One way to keep children’s curiosity is to give them things that have many or open-ended purposes. Commotion Stools and Magna-Tiles® are two excellent examples of classroom pieces that can be used in a variety of ways to promote learning.

Sturdy and long-lasting products can be included.

The products you use for children to use in the classroom should be robust and reliable to ensure their protection. Are the things you’re finding flimsy in appearance or made of flimsy materials? Do the things seem to be able to survive repeated use?

Items should be simple to wash or easy to clean.

Accidents and messes are unavoidable in the classroom, but things that are washable and convenient to clean will make your life smoother and save you money because you won’t have to fix them if something spills on them. If choosing a bathing chair for baby, make sure that they are non-slippery and safe to handle.

Items should be well-designed.

Many of the other requirements on this list are influenced by how objects are made. A poorly designed object will not engage or hold the attention of children, nor will it be as sturdy or functional in the classroom.

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