Facts about smoking

There are some people who smoke just for the sake of showing off and there are some people who would smoke because they cannot live without smoking. According to Caliburn Uwell, the trend of smoking has changed. Vape or vaping is the new type of smoking technique. It is a motorized cylinder, powered by battery that makes smoke upon inhaling it. You can smoke all sorts of flavors in a vape.

Either it is smoking or vaping, according to Nord Smok, the effects of both are bad if done a lot. People say that there was a time when the cave people used to work so much only because of smoking. And health experts have an answer to that, they say that they diet was pure and they did not do any more kind of drugs and that is why smoking effect very little on their health. If you want to quit smoking then we suggest that you read some of facts on smoking that will make you leave fast.

  1. Smoking has been the number one causes of death.
  2. There are certain types of disabilities that are caused by smoking.
  3. The weird part is that smoking should only effect lungs but it effects all organs of the body.
  4. Some people don’t know that smoking can also become a main cause of weakness in bones.
  5. If you are concerned about your immunity system and you have sudden inflammations, then smoking may be the main cause.
  6. Let us talk about the good facts now, if you are working a difficult job, then smoking a fig will help you stay relaxed and this is proven by different health experts as well.
  7. We have seen cases where a person was seeing low blood pressure and the person had a fig and this heart rate increased as that person puffed. We suggest that you don’t practice it in such situations because results can be different for different people.
  8. There are some people who claim and swear that they get a better digestion when they smoke a fig after a having a heavy meal.
  9. There are some rumors that smoking can cause infertility in men and women both but this is a rumor and there is no fact to it.

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