Brakes are basically devices related to mechanics. These devices consume kinetic energy of the systems that are moving and put those systems on rest. The kinetic energy that is consumed is transformed to heat after which it is let out in the surroundings.

A good example through which you brakes is your car in which is used to decelerate or bring the car to halt completely.

How can the brakes be grouped?

Brakes of the car can be grouped in 3 major kinds which are as follows.

  1. Brakes that are based on mechanical system
  2. Brakes that are based on electrical system
  3. Brakes that are based on pneumatic system

Now, let us have a detailed discussion on every kind of brake.

Mechanical brakes

These kind of brakes work on mechanical system such as pedals, lever, etc. The mechanical brakes are further grouped in to the following kinds.

  1. Brakes based on block mechanism
  2. Brakes based on disk mechanism
  3. Brakes based on band mechanism

The benefits of mechanic brakes include that they are easy to make and their maintenance is also simple. They are not very costly in comparison with the brakes based on hydraulic system.

However, the drawbacks of these kinds of brakes include damage occurring at the surface of the brakes, efficiency is not very good in comparison with brakes based on hydraulic system.

Pneumatic brakes

The working principle of these kinds of brakes the pressure of liquids either gas or oil.

The benefits of pneumatic brakes include that these kind of brakes are safe, long lasting because of less damage. Pneumatic brakes give more efficiency in comparison with brakes based on mechanical system.

The drawbacks of these kind of brakes are that they are a bit expensive. Pneumatic brakes require maintenance which is not easy. Also, the liquids used must be well suited with the material of the brake.

Electrical brakes

These kinds of brakes are based upon the electromagnetic forces.

The benefits of electrical brakes comprises its fast speed, smooth working and almost no cost of maintenance.

The drawbacks of electrical brakes comprise of its high set up rates. Electrical brakes are not appropriate for places where the temperature is high.

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