Types of branding

As we all are aware of this fact that we are living in the era of branding so everyone prefers to purchase from brands because of their quality and commitment. But it is not always necessary that you should always do branding of your products based business. There are different types of branding that the best marketing agency in Dubai can indulge in. Some of the types of branding have been added in this article.

Individual branding:

This is the most common type of branding in which the branding is done to individual product. In this type of branding, the manufacturers do branding of their products instead of doing branding of their manufacturing company. For example, coca cola, Colgate are best examples of individual brands.

Service branding:

There are two types of products offered by companies to their customers: products, services. So if a brand is offering services then these brands will go for service branding. In this type of business, the brands will have to maintain their quality services. The brands that hire creative agencies Dubai can offer cleaning services, car rental services, tourism, consultation firms and courier services.

Organization branding:

These are the companies which provide products and services to their customers by purchasing these products from their manufacturers. So we can also say that these are resellers. Software selling companies are best example of this type of branding in which they purchase soft wares from software developers and then they sell in market.

Personal branding:

Personal branding is new trend in market. For this, the persons has to do branding of his own as that of his products. so we can also say that this type of branding is associated with different sorts of personalities. Social media influencers, bloggers, vloggers are best example of personal branding.

Event brands:

Some companies or persons who continuously arrange their events and many of the persons are attending their events. Then they can also go for event branding. Then by doing branding they can also get sponsorships. These brands can arrange conferences or music festivals.

Private label branding:

These are also known as brand stores. This type of branding is done when persons make their own retail stores and they can make these stores online or offline. Different websites also offer this opportunity to make private label brands.


These brands exist in the virtual world and persons do branding on online platforms. For example, different websites offer the opportunity of making E-brands, the persons can also make their own E-brand through social media platforms.

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